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How to Scan for and Repair Corrupted System Files in Windows 10

Download and install CCleaner from the developer’s website. CCleaner is a free utility made by Piriform. You can here download it from piriform.com/ccleaner/.

Recovery After, remember the instructions for changing the mbr formatter before restarting your computer. Because the causes of this error vary, there is no definitive solution that can help resolve this issue. We offer several different solutions for each of them, so you can try most of them yourself to solve this problem. Incomplete or incorrect installation of Windows can also lead to this problem, for example, DLL files are definitely missing from the system, or some registry files are corrupted.

  • The main function of chkdsk is checking and repairing errors for NTFS and FAT file systems.
  • According to Wikipedia, the registry is a database.
  • Remove all storage devices connected to your system including DVD drive, USB stick, or an external hard disk.

Check whether the blue screen of death Windows 8 problem got repaired. If not, then restart your system and boot using the installation disk. The installation files of Windows 7 will take a moment to load. The splash screen of Windows 7 will be visible afterwards. You will be required to choose a “Language” for installation. Also, select the format of time and currency.

Wired (Ethernet) connection

The Crystal Disk Info interface is barebones, but it’s simple to use and completely free to download. If you’re looking for a lightweight, budget application to track the health of your drive, this one is worth consideration. See the temperature of your hard drive while in use. SeaTools SSD CLI, a command-line tool designed for solid state drives. 12 years experience in software development, database administration, and hardware repair. This will start the scan and automatically fix the issue.

FYI, I have not had a touchscreen working for a while now. I had disabled the updates via the method I have talked about but the touchscreen was already done working. I have let the battery die 4-5 times now with no touchscreen comeback.

That’s all for how to repair Windows 8.1/8 booting issues. If you have other issues, please leave a message at the comment area. Plug the bootable CD/USB to your problem computer and press a specific key to access the Boot Menu. Select the CD or USB as the first boot device.

Solution 2: Configure Related Services

When you’re done with the update and the system reboots into Windows, sign in and verify that the issue with reading the hard drive is no longer present. To resolve this, the boot sector needs to be repaired or rebuilt. The record of the boot configuration also needs to be checked for errors and restored so that Windows will be able to boot up successfully.

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