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Accelerating branddemand: BrandAction Agency's 2023 buyer journey infographic

Gone are the days of quick sales, impulse buys and split-second decision-making. The considered purchase has become, well, more considered. The last 10 years have seen a steady growth in the amount of content B2B buyers consume before they are “sales ready.” Today’s buyers say they are now likely 70% to 80% of the way through their buying decision before they are willing to engage with sales. What’s more, perhaps in part due to the COVID-spurred trend of digital meetings, 80% of buyers say that they never want to meet with your sales team face-to-face, and 43% of them don’t want to deal with your sales team at all — preferring a fully self-serve purchase model.

The implications are clear. Marketing, and particularly content marketing, must take up most of the opportunity to communicate with your buyers during their purchase journey. It is incumbent on any B2B marketer to ensure that they are providing the right information at the exact moment it’s needed.


The simple fact is that B2B buyers now almost completely own the sales journey. And if you want to drive sales-ready leads and inform their decision-making process efficiently and consistently, you’ll need to know when, where and how to reach them.


Your brand needs to be indispensable to the modern B2B buyer. Our 2023 buyer journey infographic pairs BrandAction Agency’s deep expertise with the latest market insights to illustrate the point at which the new buyer journey, your brand and a sound demand generation strategy coincide.


Demand more.


Ready to kick it up a notch? View our infographic now to see how the branddemand℠ experts at BrandAction Agency can help you realize faster marketing ROI.


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