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Get our infographic on striking the right balance of Brand and Demand.

When branding and demand generation work closely together, your ROI on marketing grows.


Download our infographic to see what our recent survey revealed about how well organizations are successfully integrating the disciplines — and why understanding the connection can lead to greater marketing success.

Want to know how you’re aligned?
Check your balance.

Branding and demand generation. If you think their activities might be a little too siloed and separate in your organization, we have a way to help you better understand and close those gaps.


Incorporating industry best practices and the knowhow of BrandAction, this calculator provides you a way to see how well your present allocations between branding and demand generation activities compare to optimal practices — plus suggestions to help you bring them closer together for maximum ROI on marketing.


Just enter your program budget, goals and current perception of your target audience, and we’ll provide you with a best-practice guideline of how to allocate your messaging and budget between brand messages