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Brand & Demand

When you’ve got both working together in sync, you can accelerate the buyer journey for greater growth and revenue.


BrandAction Agency—a fresh new agency with decades of experience.

Our focus? Accelerating your growth with brand-building and demand generation strategies that drive buyers to take action.

To serve your buyers’ needs at every stage of the buyer journey, you need the right mix of BRAND & DEMAND.

Our core team has worked closely together for years. As BrandAction Agency, we’re bringing together our collective experience, plus continuous learning, to help clients realize their growth goals.

We have proven experience helping small start-ups to mid-size organizations to Fortune 500 companies develop and activate successful brand demand programs.

Achieving maximum results from your brand demand strategy requires the right partner who understands how to activate and optimize, too. BrandAction’s end-to-end capabilities cover the whole spectrum from insight to strategy, ideation to activation.

Here’s a few examples of BRAND & DEMAND in action.

BrandAction Agency
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About BrandAction

BrandAction Agency is an independent agency that integrates and balances strategic planning, branding and demand generation to help innovative companies connect more deeply and quickly with their customers for greater profitability and enduring value.

Why us

Our POV: Your brand creates the foundation of credibility and trust that gives customers a reason to feel good about engaging with you. Demand generation leverages this credibility and trust to deliver information needed by the buyer at each stage of their purchase journey, moving them closer to transaction.

By delivering the right information at the right time, with a brand that inspires trust, you can speed the path to purchase and, ultimately, brand loyalty.

“Collaborating closely with the creative and strategy team, we pulled off a complete brand transformation together for our company in a matter of weeks.”

—Ian Gresham, former Chief Digital Officer of Univar Solutions

Our work

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Here’s just a few of the companies we’re currently working with…
along with some that we’ve worked with over the years.
leadership team

We’re experienced brand and demand specialists with a proven track record of accelerating growth and revenue for the considered purchase process.

Gayle Novak

Chief Brand Strategist, Partner

Rich Dettmer

Chief Demand/Digital Strategist, Partner

Ron Klingensmith

Chief Creative Strategist, Partner

Matt Finizio

Creative Director, Partner

Mike Bueltmann

Chief Operations Officer, Partner

Our capabilities

From leads to purchasers to loyalists. Every step of the way.
Your whole path, covered.

Strategic planning

Through the lens of our branddemand framework, we work collaboratively with your multi-disciplinary team to understand your business and marketing objectives as well as customer pain points and competitive challenges, with the goal of delivering a customized plan that will build your brand’s credibility, accelerate leads and drive conversions.


Depending on where you are in your brand’s lifecycle, we’ll help you determine what’s needed to ensure your customers find your brand credible and relevant to enable engagement. We offer brand consulting (brand positioning or repositioning, brand strategy and messaging, brand purpose and values) and brand activation services (employee brand training, brand identity guidelines, Big Idea brand launch) to ensure your brand stays authentic, builds empathy and increases trust.

Demand Generation

As an output of our strategic planning learnings, we work with your sales and marketing teams to ensure alignment and transparency — identifying any potential gaps in the process. We then work collaboratively to build a customized demand generation plan that will build authority and interest around your brand and increase demand for your products/services at each step in the buyer journey.

Content strategy

Our branddemand approach enables us to understand your buyers’ needs at every stage of their buying journey so that we can determine the right information to get in front of them at the right time. We then develop a content strategy (the right assets and the right story to tell when and how to measure for success) that reinforces your brand’s credibility and drives high quality leads.

Creative strategy and activation

A critical aspect of our branddemand process, we provide creative strategy to drive authenticity, empathy, differentiation and, ultimately, trust for your brand and content that generates credibility and permission for engagement with your customers. We then help translate and extend this strategy into scaleable and extendable activations across relevant assets and mediums.

Customer Insight

We believe the voice of the customer should always inform all branddemand strategy work. So, whether that means reviewing and understanding customer work you’ve already completed, conducting secondary research, executing competitive audits or, undertaking primary research, we listen to customers pain points and then translate these into insights that drive meaningful actions. We also typically conduct qualitative internal and external stakeholder research as part of our branding engagements, including survey design, one-on-one interviews, research findings and key implications.

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BrandAction Agency
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