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Brand & Demand

When you’ve got both working
together in perfect sync, you
can accelerate the buyer journey for
greater growth and revenue.


BrandAction Agency—a fresh new agency with decades of experience.


Our focus? Accelerating your growth with brand-building and demand generation that work together in perfect harmony.

To serve your buyers’ needs at every stage of the buyer journey, you need the right mix of


Here’s a few examples of BRAND & DEMAND in action.

We’ve done it all. From helping create demand for Fortune 500 companies to helping small start-ups find their brand.

Our core team has been working closely together for years—even decades. As BrandAction Agency, we’re bringing together all we’ve learned, and all we believe, to help clients become all they can be.

Achieving maximum velocity in your marketing machine takes all the little cogs working in perfect sync. BrandAction’s end-to-end capabilities cover the whole from insight to strategy, ideation to activation.

BrandAction Agency
BrandAction Agency
1 E Erie St Suite 525-2297
Chicago, IL 60611

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About BrandAction

BrandAction Agency is an independent agency that integrates and balances strategic planning, branding and demand generation to help innovative companies connect more deeply and quickly with their customers for greater profitability and enduring value.

Why us

Our POV: Your brand creates the foundation of credibility and trust that gives customers a reason to feel good about engaging with you. Demand generation leverages this credibility and trust to deliver information needed by the buyer at each stage of their purchase journey, moving them closer to transaction.


By delivering the right information at the right time, with a brand that inspires trust, you can speed the path to purchase and, ultimately, brand loyalty.

“Collaborating closely with the creative and strategy team, we pulled off a complete brand transformation together for our company in a matter of weeks.”

—Ian Gresham, former Chief Digital Officer of Univar Solutions

Our work

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Here’s just a few of the companies we’re currently working with…


along with some that we’ve worked with over the years.

leadership team

We’re experienced brand and demand specialists with a proven track record of accelerating growth and revenue for the considered purchase process.

Gayle Novak

Chief Brand Strategist, Partner

Ron Klingensmith

Chief Creative Strategist, Partner

Rich Dettmer

Chief Demand/Digital Strategist, Partner

Matt Finizio

Creative Director, Partner

Mike Bueltmann

Chief Operations Officer, Partner

Our services

From leads to purchasers to loyalists. Every step of the way.
Your whole path, covered.

Acheiving maximum velocity in your marketing machine takes all the little cogs working in perfect sync.

BrandAction’s end-to-end capabilities cover the whole from insight to strategy, ideation to activation.


From engineering buyer personas, brand values, attributes and differentiators to building brand identity systems - to creating messaging maps and strategies and Internal training and engagement.

Marketing Strategy

We help develop the propositions and other key elements of a company’s brand, platforms and channels - establishing the 'big picture' and tying the strategy to detailed programs.

Marketing Planning

Beyond the strategy, we provide marketing planning services to help plan delivery, orchestrate resources, and manage budgets.


We create “big ideas” that break through and connect with your buyers on a personal, emotive level while also connecting on a rational, action-inspiring level that positively affects your brand and demand outcomes.

Research and Customer Insight

Primary and secondary research, competitive audits, and materials reviews drive unique insights that lead to a truly differentiated brand/demand strategy.

Content Marketing

We help you develop truly relevant and useful content for your prospects and customers to help them find your solutions on your platforms and on partner platforms.

Digital Strategy & Implementation

We bring in experts with the latest technology and analytics to build demand-focused strategy from concept to implementation.

Demand Generation

From top-of-funnel awareness content and touchpoint strategies to bottom-of-funnel converting offers, we align your products and services with the desired solutions sought by your prospects—with a resulting increase in conversions adding additional revenue to your bottom line.

PR, Social and Paid Media

We manage the full spectrum of PR from press releases to social and paid media management.

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BrandAction Agency
1 E Erie St Suite 525-2297
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