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Accelerating branddemand: BrandAction Agency’s 2022 buyer journey infographic

Gone are the days of quick sales, impulse buys and split-second decision-making. The considered purchase has become, well, more considered. The last 10 years have seen a steady growth in the…

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Accelerating branddemand: Finding the balance between trust and action.

I have a lousy neighbor. There, I said it. I live in the suburbs of Chicago and one of my neighbors, let’s call him Jim, is a lousy neighbor. Why,…

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Mapping content to the new buyer journey

The ability of consumers to research solutions online has created a buyer journey that’s increasingly self-led, and where interactions with sales representatives are fleeting if not avoided altogether.

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Three questions to ask when creating C-suite content

Gaining the attention of executives can be notoriously difficult. And even if you’ve succeeded in getting your content in front of this prized audience, you have just a narrow window…

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How holistic campaigns steer the new buyer journey

Much has changed about the B2B process in recent years as consumer attitudes, new technologies and global events consistently keep marketers guessing.

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Understanding your brand from the inside out

With consumers now expecting more from brands in everything from stances on social justice initiatives to customer service, data privacy and more, it’s no wonder that 85% of business buyers…

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