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Taking the long view with a BrandDemand approach

Imagine this: Only 5% of potential buyers are actively looking to make a purchase at any given moment. That leaves a whopping 95% who aren’t quite there yet. In the excellent article here, Ty Heath discusses the 95-5 rule that inevitably plays out in complex purchase decision buyer journeys. Traditional marketing often zeroes in on the immediate 5%, forgetting about the long game needed to win over the other 95%. That’s where a BrandDemand approach shines by aligning content with the buyer’s mindset throughout their journey, making sure businesses can connect with both current and future customers. (Learn more about BrandAction Agency’s Accelerating BrandDemand™ approach here).

Emphasizing the long-term view and the 95-5% rule

Short-term marketing gains might give you a quick win, but they rarely build lasting relationships. Think about the buyer journey like any personal long-term relationship worth nurturing. From the first spark of interest to becoming a loyal advocate, each stop along the way needs its own kind of care and attention. Planning content that meets these needs isn’t just smart; it’s essential for keeping your audience engaged and building trust over the long haul.


This is why the 95-5% rule, which states that 95% of potential buyers aren’t currently in-market, perfectly aligns with the BrandDemand approach. By providing relevant content at each stage of the buyer’s journey, the BrandDemand approach addresses the needs of the 95% who aren’t ready to buy immediately, building trust and engagement over time.

Aligning content with buyer mindsets

Sticking with the personal relationship analogy, empathy and actionable insights are real difference-makers for deepening and growing a dynamic. Likewise, when you truly understand what your customers are going through, you can create content that hits home. This isn’t just about knowing their demographics; it’s about getting into their heads and hearts, crafting messages that resonate deeply to advance behavioral changes.


With a BrandDemand approach, empathy and actionable insights drive your content strategy to address the long game across the entire complex buyer journey:

  • At the recognition stage, educational content like blog posts, whitepapers and webinars builds trust and establishes your brand as a thought leader.

  • When buyers are considering their options, informational content such as product comparisons, case studies and demos shows why your solution stands out.

  • As they decide, confirmational content like testimonials, reviews and ROI calculators aid them through the conversion phase, reassuring them they’re making the right choice.

  • After they buy, retentional content such as newsletters, loyalty programs and exclusive offers keeps them coming back.

Balancing Brand and Demand messaging

Balance is everything. Brand messaging builds trust and credibility, creating a solid foundation for lasting relationships. Demand messaging complements brand messaging, but it’s all about encouraging action and conversion, delivered just when the buyer is ready to move forward.


A BrandDemand approach expertly balances these messaging elements. Brand messaging, such as your company’s brand promise, personality, tone of voice and unique selling proposition, is strategically integrated throughout all stages of the buyer journey, creating a consistent and trustworthy presence. Demand messaging, meanwhile, is precise and timely, highlighting specific product features, benefits, and offers that guide buyers smoothly towards making a purchase.

Aligning Marketing, Sales, and Service for a seamless BrandDemand experience

To truly maximize the impact of a BrandDemand approach, it’s essential to coordinate messaging and efforts across your entire commercial team. Marketing, Sales and Service disciplines must work together to deliver a unified brand experience at every touchpoint.


Marketing lays the foundation by creating compelling content that resonates with buyers at each stage of their journey. Sales then reinforce these messages during their interactions with prospects, using empathy and actionable insights to build trust and guide them towards a purchase. Service continues the narrative, providing support and resources that keep customers engaged and loyal.


When all three disciplines are aligned as a team and working towards a common goal, the result is a seamless BrandDemand experience that builds lasting relationships and drives long-term success. Some key strategies for achieving this alignment include:

  1. Developing shared buyer personas and journey maps to ensure everyone understands the customers’ needs and mindset at each stage.

  2. Creating a central repository of brand and demand content that all teams can access and use in their interactions with buyers.

  3. Establishing regular cross-functional meetings to share insights, discuss challenges and brainstorm new ideas for engaging buyers.

  4. Implementing a closed-loop feedback system that allows Marketing, Sales and Service to share customer insights and continuously improve the BrandDemand experience.

The creative formula for effective messaging

What’s the magic formula for messaging that sticks? It’s a blend of empathy and actionable insights embedded with your brand’s differentiated position. Understand your buyers’ emotional and practical needs, give them a genuine reason to believe your brand delivers what they can’t get elsewhere, and your content will naturally resonate. This balance keeps your audience informed and engaged, every step of the way.


In a BrandDemand approach, this formula is your blueprint. Educational content lays the foundation with your brand differentiation and thought leadership. Demand-focused content then highlights the unique features and benefits of your offerings. Together, they create a compelling narrative that guides buyers through their journey.

Measuring the success of a BrandDemand approach

While short-term metrics like sales and conversions are important, a BrandDemand approach also emphasizes long-term success. Tracking metrics such as brand awareness, brand preference, customer loyalty and lifetime value helps you gauge the effectiveness of your strategy over time.


Regular content audits ensure your messages align with buyer needs and adjust as necessary to make this all work. This proactive approach keeps your strategy effective and impactful, driving sustained growth and engagement.

Wrapping it up

A BrandDemand approach, perfectly aligned with the 95-5% rule, isn’t just about immediate results; it’s about building a sustainable and impactful marketing strategy. By understanding the buyer journey, anticipating customer needs, balancing brand and demand messaging, and aligning efforts across Marketing, Sales, and Service, you can create content that truly resonates and engages.


At BrandAction Agency, we specialize in the Accelerating BrandDemand™ approach. Our balanced and empathetic strategies help clients achieve their long-term marketing goals, driving engagement and success at every stage of the buyer journey.


Ready to take your marketing to the next level and win over the 95% of buyers who aren’t ready to purchase today? Partner with BrandAction Agency to leverage the full potential of a BrandDemand approach. Our expertise in balancing brand and demand and aligning your commercial teams will help you connect more deeply with your customers, drive lasting results and achieve sustained growth. Contact us today to get started.

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