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Broadening the brand to advance the future of freshness.

What we did

Primary stakeholder research   |   Brand positioning and strategy   |   Brand architecture   |   Brand messaging development   |   Employee brand training   |   Brand identity development and guidelines   |   Website redesign   |   Sales support strategy and activation   |   Environmental branding   | Corporate communication materials

The challenge

If you’ve ever bitten into a crisp, just-ripe apple in the middle of December, then you have AgroFresh to thank!


Originally best known for enabling apples to become a year-round industry, AgroFresh had gone on to diversify their portfolio of flavor- and freshness-defending biotechnologies to apply to a wider range of fruit and vegetable segments across the entire value chain. And now, they needed an edge to help expand their roots and grow into fertile, new markets.

The insight

After speaking with technical experts, marketers, food scientists, and produce growers, we uncovered a unique opportunity for AgroFresh to stand out by creating a new, appealing, and entirely ownable category in the market.


Our mission was clear: Empower AgroFresh to truly invent and own the future of freshness while positioning itself as a leading-edge player—not just in their own field, but in the fields of fruit and vegetable growers around the world.


The outcome

We helped AgroFresh create a common umbrella solution—“Smarter Freshness”—to organize their diverse collection of branded solutions and product sub-brands and developed a new tagline—Advancing the future of freshness—to clearly position AgroFresh as a true industry leader.


We also worked with key stakeholders to clarify the underlying strengths of the AgroFresh brand—their deep intellectual capital, a diversely talented team, a high-touch service model and passion for tackling the world’s important food waste challenges—and distilled these elements into an updated brand identity system and refreshed messaging elements.


We brought this new human-centered, science-based brand to life through a full-scale relaunch campaign that included a visual and UX overhaul of their corporate website, a new overview video, a customizable corporate overview presentation, templates for sales materials, and much more.

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